Getting the girl to pay for Dinner!

Now we all know that when it comes to the first date there exists a socially accepted, gender-biased rule that men are meant to pay for dinner. But this is the 21st century; surely it should be 50:50 and, dare I say it, maybe even women should pay for the whole meal sometimes?

Well, this year I have been trying to see if I can get a woman to pay for dinner. I am part of the generation who have feminist mums and rightly believe that men and women are different but equal, and so when it comes to going out, any costs should be divided straight down the middle. But no!

Women say it is a “nice gesture” when the man offers to pay and it shows that the man wants to look after them. This is, of course, complete guff, but men have to put up with it if they want dates number two and three. The difficulty for men – and it really is a choice of principles or punani – is that there is no standard viewpoint. Some women are OK with 50:50 and many others are not.

Being a feminist myself, and ignoring the fact that I am a tight-fisted so-and-so (like you hadn’t guessed already), I believe passionately in equality, but I also wouldn’t mind being in a relationship too. So, what am I to do?

Until we can get more women to ask men out, the answer is how you ask a lady. For example, if I say, “I’d like to take you out to dinner,” the clear inference is that I am taking responsibility for the dinner. Whereas, if I suggest that it would be nice to meet up, and offer dinner as a possible activity and she accepts, then it is a mutual agreement and so a 50:50 split is more appropriate. Why should heterosexual dates have different rules to gay dates, where it is much more fair.

So, how many women did I get to pay for the whole meal? Zero, of course. The sad truth is that unless you “forget your wallet” (which will not get you date number two), women will not pay for dinner on a first date. Sorry guys, we’re just going to have to reach deep into our pockets, or stay at home and reach deep into our pockets!

Jake McMillan

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