Where is your RSVP?

Is it just me, or is everyone just too damn busy? Do you remember a time when you arranged your weekend on a Friday night? It’s probably just that I am old (or maybe it’s just my friends are old?), but I now have to arrange a drink with a close buddy weeks in advance. Well, I’ve been trying to organise a party with only, wait for it, two weeks’ notice. They said it could not be done.

Spontaneity has disappeared as our lives are now so full with meeting up with friends, weddings, parties (30th birthdays, stag nights, house-warmings, leaving dos), client drinks, quiz nights etc. Actually, that all sounds quite fun, so what am I moaning about? And just how many more rhetorical questions are there going to be? (Only two more.)

Organising this party has made me feel like I’m in Challenge Anneka, except that I am not wearing a bright jump suit (I don’t have the cleavage thankfully). I have been calling in favours, twisting people’s arms, sending out texts and Facebook messages, and using all the sneaky, devious tricks I know to get my friends to show up at the party.

However, I’m resigned to the fact that a significant proportion of my close friends will not be able to make it, and many have already said that they cannot be there.

Now, it could be that I am very unpopular (probably a good theory), but I am offering a great venue, free booze, food and music. Because everyone has such busy lives now, I am having to persuade people to come along, to change their plans, to bring their friends. I even have a secret superhero theme and a prize for the best superpower. Cool, huh?

OK, maybe it’s not that cool, but it sounds fun to me. I’d be interested in a party like that.

I accept that people’s lives are quite busy and they have a lot of commitments. Even I’m quite busy and have had to turn down a few friends recently – but I did at least have the decency to turn them down.

It seems to be accepted now that not RSVP-ing is OK. A kind person has generously offered to entertain you for the evening, so isn’t it a simple common courtesy to respond to them?

By the way, if you’ve not got the email, then you’re not invited!

Jake McMillan

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