Why do women wear make-up?


Dear Women,

I am a great fan of your kind, but please forgive me for asking, why do you spend so much time and effort trying to look good?

It is generally accepted by both genders that you are much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than men, so why do you try and widen the attractiveness gap further? If anything, it should be men who really ought to put more effort in to making up for their lack of attractiveness.

You often tell me the reason you bother is to attract men, but I am not convinced. I think the real reason you do it is for other women. Not in a lesbian-type way, unless you are a lesbian, but I think that you are competing with other women and want your fellow woman to think you look good.

Take the example of nails. In no way do you look after your nails to attract men. Not even a little bit. Unless they are long, sharp and likely to cause us harm, men don’t even notice nails.

No man has ever been drawn to a woman because of her nails, and guys never say anything like, “Look at the nails on her!” In fact, for guys the rule is that the more fancy the woman’s nails are, the more high-maintenance she is.

long nails

Blokes are the same with women’s hair; we notice if the woman has hair or not, if it is dark, light or ginger, and we may even remember the length.

I often notice guys looking at a woman as she walks into a room, but I also notice lots of women doing the same thing. You do it much more subtly, of course, and examine the woman from hair to shoes, making a detailed but silent judgement and assessment.

You also have a far too high dependency, bordering on an obsession, with creams, make-up, endless hair products and glossy magazines.

You say you look awful without your beauty products, but how do you know? When was the last time you went a week without using a moisturiser or reaching for your compact?

Spend less on make-up and hair products and you will gain more time in the day to spend the bundles of extra cash that you will save: see more friends, do that course, buy more wine, have a better holiday.

Because you’re worth it.

Jake McMillan

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