What kind of gym person are you?!

“How come you’ve never joined a gym before?” the beautiful and well proportioned Siobhan asked before showing me how to use the equipment.  I explained that whenever I had visited a gym before (admittedly only twice before) the staff and gym users had seemed like posing idiots. She wasn’t impressed, “So what are your gym goals?” she continued? I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, so I said I wanted to use the pool and learn how to use the gym equipment. I also wanted to meet hot women, but I didn’t say this of course.

So, 6 weeks later and after an embarrassing mishap with the cross-trainer (long story) I am now officially a ‘gym person’ and as an avid people watcher, in a non-stalker way, I have been fascinated by the different types of people who go to the gym and the non-verbal communication that takes place.  

Despite my comment above about wanting to meet hot women, I do actually go to the gym to get fit and to work out, but there seems to be a reasonable number of people who go for whom fitness is not high on their priority list for being there.  The first give away to these people is that they don’t look hot, sweaty or tired out. Annoyingly some people do still manage to look quite elegant whilst working out, but everyone has to sweat and look tired don’t they? Are they robots?!

There are some that just don’t try hard at all and I wonder why they even bother going?  I’ve even noticed some perfectly able women who go to my gym who just walk on the treadmill and do nothing else. If they want to walk, there is a perfectly nice and beautiful common nearby, but yet they prefer to walk on the spot looking at a TV screen?!  

Many seem to be quite competitive, mostly men, and subtly look at what weight the other person is lifting or at what speed and difficulty setting they are using. I’m very guilty of the latter, especially on the cross-trainer, and feel very happy when I’m going faster and at a harder level than the next person.

It’s in the swimming pool that a lot of people annoy me as it is not a big pool and so for everyone to get use of it you need to be courteous and respectful of others. There are some people who are blatantly rude, not staying in their lane and generally act as if they are the only person in the pool. I do, however, enjoy the hydro-pool/jaquzzi although do worry about what some people do with their hands when the bubbles are going. I also seem to have swimming shorts that trap the bubbles inside which makes me float and if I force the air out it seems as though I’ve done a large fart!

So, what kind of gym person are you? It seems I’m the kind of gym person who is generally courteous, yet quite irritable and competitive who needs a new pair of swimming shorts.

Jake McMillan

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