Top 10 Movie Characters of all Time

The list is finally complete. The deliberations are now over and the top ten list of the best movie characters of all time is finished. Boy, it’s been a lot tougher than I thought!

You end up having to make impossible choices between characters that are nothing alike, for example, how can you really compare Al Pacino’s Tony Montana from Scarface with Eddie Murphy’s Axl Foley in Beverly Hills Cop? Also, just because a character is in one of your favourite films of all time, doesn’t make necessarily them one of the best characters of all time.

Being somewhat of a movie buff I was surprised at how ‘mainstream’ my top ten movie characters were. However, I picked the characters that for me, and you are very welcome to disagree, have made the biggest impression and that still resonate with me.

No. 10 in my list begins here, but as a clue here are some of the characters that didn’t quite make the top 10:

Bruce Wayne

Hans Solo


Tony Montana

Butch Cassidy

Catherine Tremell (from Basic Instinct)

Keyser Soze

Darth Vader

Neo (from The Matrix)

The Good (from the Good, The Bad & the Ugly)

Ron Burgundy

Axl Foley

Michael Corleone

Dirty Harry

Hannibal Lector

Click here for the #10 best movie character of all time >>>

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