What exactly is a Dirty Girl?

I got into a conversation with this drunken Irish girl I met the other day (I wonder how many stories start this way?) and somehow, I am sure it was my fault, we got onto the topic of what exactly constitutes a ‘Dirty Girl’? What does a girl have to do to qualify for this moniker?


Even though the Irish girl was really quite drunk, I must say she objected completely to the whole usage of the term ‘dirty girl’ but did have to accept that some people, mainly men, do use it. Clearly, it is somewhat of a subjective issue, but there must be some generally accepted criteria of what is or isn’t dirty for a girl. It’s different for a boy, of course, but we’ll get to that in a mo.

The dirty line seems to gravitate around anal sex. To some, a woman who does anal sex could be conceived as dirty, but to others this could be quite tame and standard. We came to an agreement that a woman who asks for anal sex is probably a Dirty Girl. We also agreed that a woman who asks you to shit in her mouth is definitely dirty.

It is slightly unfair to women that there isn’t an equivalent ‘Dirty Boy’, but if there was then the dirty line would be very different as there is an assumption that men are automatically dirty whereas women are perceived to be more pure and less experimental sexually. This is, of course, complete guff.

Dirty Girl is not always used by men as an entirely derogatory term and this way of categorising a woman is useful to us. Some men are attracted to and want to particularly meet Dirty Girls and others prefer non-Dirty. Being a Dirty Girl says nothing about your intelligence, social status or ethnicity; you could be the Queen and still be a Dirty Girl. She and Prince Phillip have been married for over 60 years and so must have done all kinds of sick and depraved stuff by now.

As an aside, and not based on personal experience I promise you, but I would be worried about actually shitting in someone’s mouth. Firstly, it is just a bit weird; Secondly, you have to think about aim/trajectory and thirdly, you want to provide a good poo for them without needing a bit of a fart and a widdle as well.


Jake McMillan

2 responses to “What exactly is a Dirty Girl?

  • SluttyPoppins

    I would say that a dirty girl is someone with a very healthy appetite and lusty longings for sex, and will engage in whatever activity gets her off, whether that is anal, shit sniffing, or donkey porn.

  • Are we all ‘dirty’ girls…? « Girl vs Dating

    […] Jake, a fellow blogger has come to the conclusion that women who are up for Anal Sex, are probably ‘Dirty Girls’. Hmm. So how do we refer to the men who want it too? ‘Dirty Boys’? Is it even dirty? My friends are split on this. Some are totally in the ‘No’ camp, others are in the ‘It’s kind of OK’ camp. I’m personally in the ‘If it feels nice, and you’re having fun, it’s more than OK – it’s FABULOUS’ camp. And I really don’t think that makes me ‘dirty’. […]

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