Why do Couples get to have a Bed?

A friend pointed out the other day the great injustice that takes place when you go to a house party of a friend. I hadn’t really noticed before, but it is so true that couples have always ‘bagged’ one of the beds whereas single people get to sleep on the sofa or on the floor?!

This is a double whammy against singletons. Not only do they sleep alone again, but they have to sleep somewhere uncomfortable. Is it not a bit selfish of couples to take the beds? They get to sleep with someone every night of the year. Surely, for one night they can rough it somewhere and let the single people take the beds?

Come on couples, do the decent thing and be kind to your single friends, the world doesn’t revolve around you.


Jake McMillan

3 responses to “Why do Couples get to have a Bed?

  • bl1y

    This is a serious question?

    Couples get the bed because they’re going to have sex. You can’t do that if one is on the couch and the other is on the floor.

    Well…you can, but it’s not a good idea if you’ve been drinking and your coordination is compromised.

    If you find someone to hook up with, and the couple is cool, they’ll let you have it. So don’t blame them for getting some, blame yourself for not finding anyone to fool around with.

  • jon

    or you could sleep with them 😛

  • GAYR Jon Vanka

    completely agree

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