A Complaint about Fair Trade Bananas

I would like to register a complaint.

It’s about these Fair Trade bananas that I have been purchasing from the supermarket. I am, of course, very much in favour of the concept and work of the Fair Trade Foundation in getting better prices, working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. This means that the Fair Trade banana is likely to be more expensive than a banana that has been sourced from an area where exploitation may have taken place.

My local supermarket only sells Fair Trade bananas and I am okay with that, my complaint is that the bananas are really not very good and completely bland, even by a banana’s standard. So I am paying over the odds for a crap banana, how on earth can that be a fair trade?!


Jake McMillan

One response to “A Complaint about Fair Trade Bananas

  • htoews

    Hi Jake – Actually, the Fair Trade bananas should be competitively priced because with Fair Trade, the middle men are cut out. This means there are less people to get a share of the sale price, the farmers get paid fairly and we don’t have to pay any extra. I do agree that you should be satisfied with the product however. Usually with Fair Trade, you get a better flavor from the fruit since sustainable growing practices are required. Sorry the bananas at your supermarket are bland. Maybe it has to do with the season?

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