The Definitive Top 10 Bond Girls

You would think that something like the Top 10 Bond Girls has been done to death wouldn’t you?

In a way it has and each new Bond film released helps to resurrect the argument about which of the Bond Girls is best. It’s an easy news article to generate and creates good discussion as it is purely subjective opinion and more often than not, both the most recent and the original Bond Girl will feature highly.

The year is 2010 and so isn’t it long overdue to leave this tired subject alone? Yes … OR?!… we could go the other way and do it better and make the ratings more scientific and geeky?

Guess which way I went.

To rate each Bond Girl I used the following 3 criteria, rather than just the normal one, to determine overall who is best:

1)      Character – How good is the Bond Girl’s character, is she just a wet blanket eye candy (e.g Miss Goodnight (Britt Ekland) in The Man with the Golden Gun) or does she have an interesting character that shows depth (e.g. Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale)?

2)      Hotness – How hot/beautiful/sexy is the actress at the time of playing the part?

3)      Impact – The impact of the Bond Girl in the film and over time? Has she or will she be remembered?

Each of the above aspects is important in assessing which is the best Bond Girl, but on their own are not enough to reach a valid conclusion.

To qualify as a Bond Girl, the character has to be in an official James Bond film and has to come into actual contact with 007 at some point in the film (M and Moneypenney have been excluded).

Each Bond Girl character is rated out of 100 for each criteria and then the 3 marks are multiplied together to get an overall definitive Bond Girl score. The combination of these 3 criteria means that a more accurate rating can be obtained. There is still a large element of subjectivity, of course, but this helps minimise its effect and have polled many people to produce this, particularly about ‘impact’.

For example, the character Holly Goodhead in Moonraker (1979) played by Lois Chiles is a great Bond girl, she’s an intelligent and very capable CIA agent as well as being an astronaut pilot and does not succumb easily to James Bond’s charms. She is beautiful and although her character is very strong, her impact is not as strong as many other Bond Girls and so does not make the top 10.

Holly Goodhead scores 82 for character, 83 for hotness and 75 for impact to get a total score of 510,450 and was 16th in the overall placing of Top Bond girls.

There are 3 British, 3 French, 2 American, 1 Italian and 1 Swiss actresses that make up the top ten definitive bond girls.

Click here to begin the countdown, starting with the No.10 Definitive Bond Girl >>>

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