Top 10 Definitive Bond Girls – No.8 Naomi (Caroline Munro)

<<< No.9 – Dr. Christmas Jones

No. 7 – Major Anya ‘Triple X’ Amasova >>>

Character: 69     Hotness: 91        Impact: 87           Overall Score: 546,273
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Naomi’s inclusion in the ‘definitive’ top ten Bond Girls is a clear justification of this more scientific approach to the ratings as even though she does not appear very much in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, she is remembered very fondly over 20 years later.

As a loyal henchlady of villain Karl Stromberg (Curd Jurgens), Naomi (played by the uber-sexy British actress Caroline Munro), she is a ruthless killer as well as a skilled helicopter pilot. However, she does not score particularly high on character as we do not see much of her character and what we do see is someone who is very much a Stromberg puppet who does not really use her own mind.

However, what she lacks in character she more than makes up in hotness. You simply cannot take your eyes off her when she firsts meets James Bond (Roger Moore) and Major Anya ‘Triple X’ Amasova (Barbara Bach), who are posing as marine biologists, wearing only a bikini and not much else. Even when she is pursuing 007 and Anya in the helicopter, she manages to ooze sexuality even when performing villainous acts.

Naomi does not appear in the film very much, but her impact was very strong and you are slightly disappointed when she and her helicopter get blown up as you want to see more of her. She is one of those characters that you remember well but are quite surprised and pleased to realise lots of other people to do too.

Naomi, you will always be remembered.

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<<< No.9 – Dr. Christmas Jones

No. 7 – Major Anya ‘Triple X’ Amasova >>>

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