Top 10 Definitive Bond Girls – No.6 Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet)

<<< No.7 Major Anya ‘Triple X’ Amasova

No.5 Honey Ryder >>>

Character: 85     Hotness: 83        Impact: 81           Overall Score: 571,455

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Melina Havelock in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only is not the typical Bond Girl who meets James Bond, is seduced by him and then helps him with his mission. Melina (played by French actress Carole Bouquet) has her own mission, revenge for the murder of her parents and uses James Bond to help achieve her own objective.

Melina is an intelligent half-British, half-Greek marine archaeologist, like her father, and at the beginning of the film she is clearly happy and radiant when visiting her parents. When they are brutally shot to their death by hitman Hector Gonzales, Melina changes to being very serious and single-minded on the task of killing Gonzales. This is how James Bond and Melina meet and after he reveals to Melina that her father was also working for the British Government, they end up working together.

Although in mourning and not a happy character for most of the film, Melina’s sultry demeanour is very attractive and she has to be one of the most sophisticated and classy of the Bond girls and also probably has the longest hair. There are no scenes where she needs to be seen in a bikini, but manages to pull off looking sexy in a garish yellow submarine suit.

She is not trained for dangerous spy work, but shows tremendous courage, passion and dedication to her cause and to helping 007. Her character is strong; she is very naturally beautiful and is well remembered 30 years later which is why she appears in the top ten list.

After she has fulfilled her mission and helped James complete his, we see a happier Melina who can now start to ‘enjoy’ her time with James Bond.

Melina: [as Bond begins to open up her robe] For your eyes only, darling… [her robe falls to the ground, leaving her completely naked]

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<<< No.7 Major Anya ‘Triple X’ Amasova

No.5 Honey Ryder >>>

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