The Ultimate Dream Island

What would you do if you had a million squillion pounds? Many people will say to buy an island, which would be a very cool thing to do. However, the problem with islands is that they are stuck in one place and you are always a long way away from the rest of the world. Well, with my island that doesn’t have to be true.

My island moves.

If I had a squillion pounds I would get someone to build my motorised island concept. Essentially it is a man-made island that has been built onto a colossal ship. The edge of this highly-customised ship allows for water to surround the island and not be subjected to the harsh waves of the sea.

The crude illustration below will perhaps make the concept clearer:

Top view of the Island Ship

The full extent of the island features has not been finalised but it is expected to include the following:

  • Large mansion house with views across the whole island –  with a cinema room, of course
  • 6-10 small but comfortable guest houses for visitors
  • Entry/Exit barrier – allowing for boats to enter and leave the island ship
  • Harbour
  • Runway and helipad – visitors, deliveries, etc.
  • Caves
  • Tennis/Basketball Court
  • Boat house – for water sports equipment, jet skis, etc.
  • Trees, landscaped gardens, watered lawns
  • Connecting roads (from harbour to house/guest houses)
  • A small karting and rally track

I will let clever engineers work out all the details, how much water it can carry without sinking, etc. I estimate that the ship will be approximately 1,800m in length, which is about 4 times the length of the longest ship in the world, the Supertanker Knock Nevis (485.5m in length).

I’ve shared this idea with quite a few people and the reaction has been quite mixed. Some people seem to fully embrace the idea and would love to come and visit it. Others are very sceptical and dubious and simply say it would never work. One person recently suggested I would be breaking an International Movement of Land Mass law??!

I don’t think such a law exists.

It is a bit Bond villain-esque, but I promise I would be nice and it wouldn’t be part of my plan to rule the world. I would actually just like to stay on my private island and travel round the world and have friends and family visit.

So, if it existed, would you want to come and visit? Do you have any ideas to make the island even better?

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