Top 10 Definitive Bond Girls – No.2 Vesper Lynd (Eva Green)

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Character: 91     Hotness: 78        Impact: 92           Overall Score: 653,016
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Vesper Lynd (a pun on West Berlin) is one of only two Bond Girls who James Bond becomes totally and utterly smitten with, so much so that he actually resigns his position as a ‘double-o’ secret agent during 2006’s Casino Royale just to be with her. Played with intelligence and sophistication by French actress Eva Green, sparks begin to fly the moment Treasury Agent Vesper and James (Daniel Craig) meet.

Vesper Lynd: [introducing herself to Bond] I’m the money.
James Bond: Every penny of it

Their introduction does not come until 58 minutes into the film, but Vesper clearly makes a big impact on Bond and their somewhat feisty relationship develops as they pose as a couple at the Casino Royale in Montenegro where Bond goes head to head over the poker table with bad guy Le Chiffre.

Vesper Lynd: I’m afraid I’m a complicated woman.
James Bond: That is something to be afraid of.

Her attitude towards 007 is hard to read as she appears sometimes cold and loathing and then again she is very much supportive and impressed by him. It is only at the very end of the film we realise the complexities of her situation and that she was being blackmailed to help Le Chiffre.

Even though she was the one who informed Le Chiffre of the tell Bond had noticed and then refused to let him buy back into the game, she was also the one who saved his life after he had been poisoned and was visibly happy and impressed Bond won the game. Their relationship blossoms and Bond actually names his infamous shaken, not stirred Martini drink after her.

James Bond: I think I’ll call it a Vesper.
Vesper Lynd: Because of the bitter aftertaste?
James Bond: No, because once you’ve tasted it, that’s all you want to drink.

Although Vesper accuses Bond of being guarded, she is even more so and parries any probing questions by coming back at him with even more searching ones. After they are both captured by Le Chiffre and survive, they really become close and are falling in love. Vesper clearly has feelings for him but is wary and disapproves of his killing ways.

Vesper Lynd: You’re not going to let me in there, are you? You’ve got your armour back on. That’s that.
James Bond: I have no armour left. You’ve stripped it from me. Whatever is left of me – whatever is left of me – whatever I am – I’m yours.

Then they get all lovey-dovey. Ah, Bless.

Vesper Lynd: I can’t resist waking you. Every time I do you look at me as if you hadn’t seen me in years. Makes me feel reborn.
James Bond: If you had just been born wouldn’t you be naked?

Vesper Lynd: If the only thing left of you was your smile and your little finger, you’d still be more of a man than anyone I’ve ever known.
James Bond: That’s because you know what I can do with my little finger.

Their love grows and James Bond tells Vesper that he loves her and is willing to give up his career so they can be together.

James Bond: Everyone has a tell, everyone except you. Maybe that’s why I love you
Vesper Lynd: You love me?
James Bond: Enough to travel the world with you until one of us has to take an honest job… which I think is going to have to be you, because I have no idea what an honest job is.

Vesper very much wants this, but knows it is only a matter of time before the dream has to end and when in Venice she gets the call to transfer the money Bond won to the bad guys. She makes an excuse, transfers the money and then she is captured. She leaves her mobile phone behind knowing James will find it and realise what she is doing and that she has betrayed him. She feels such guilt about this that she does not let him rescue her and locks herself in the lift, effectively committing suicide.

Vesper Lynd is not the hottest of the Bond Girls, but still quite hot, but scores very highly on both character and on impact. She is only in half the film but will be eva-remembered (see what I did there?) in Bond history.

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<<< No.3  Teresa Di Vicenzo

No.1 Pussy Galore >>>

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5 responses to “Top 10 Definitive Bond Girls – No.2 Vesper Lynd (Eva Green)

  • sana

    She should be forth in line instead of electra king(sophie marceau). Sophie is by far the prettier one and is the most beautifull and sophisticated from the bond girls.

  • tedus

    matter of taste – in things hotness both Dominos (first the “old” then the “new” would be place 1+2.
    Eva Green would follow 3rd.
    Sophie Marceau wouldn´t even be in my list of top 10 hot bond girls.

  • Lona]

    I think you both have missed the point of the list. It’s not about the looks of the girls. It’s about the impact they have made on the films and Bond. Vesper Lynd deserves to be so far up the list. She is by far one of the best Bond Girls.

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  • drtjvrt

    Sophie Marceau or Eva Green … hummmm … well they are both french 🙂

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