Who is the 2nd most popular James Bond?

When discussing James Bond and Sean Connery the words ‘original’ and ‘best’ are often quoted and today he is unsurprisingly still the most popular actor to play James Bond. I’ve been running a still active poll asking who your favourite James Bond is and the contest for second place is very close indeed.

As I write this (May 2010), Sean Connery is very much in the lead with 39% of the vote but second place is almost a dead heat between Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan with 21-22% of the votes. The current 007, Daniel Craig, is a distant fourth with only half of the votes of Messrs Moore and Brosnan. George Lazenby who starred in only one Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), is the least popular James Bond with only 3% of the votes cast so far.

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9 responses to “Who is the 2nd most popular James Bond?


    the best james bond is roger moore in i dont like the new james bond daniel graig

  • greggorton84

    You should have a poll for second best, because Daniel Craig is my second favourite, my first being Connery. Of course David Niven was not on the list, which hurts me greatly

    • jakemcmillan

      That is a good idea, I may just do that. The poll covered ‘official’ James Bonds but could be expanded to other good people who have played him. Ian Fleming, of course, did admire David Niven greatly and is said to have been an inspiration for the James Bond character as Ian met David during the war when they both worked in intelligence.

  • john petrino

    after all these years and countless viewings of 007 films,I give my vote to Roger Moore

  • Coupe900s

    I think 1st is Sean and 2nd is Daniel, as they both act nearest to the original character Mr. Fleming pictured in his books.
    The others seem to act further and further away from the bookcharacters, as it seems,the distance corresponding to their ego’s, on top ofcourse Moore.
    I like to read the books over and over, but after two films with Moore I quit the films…

    • jakemcmillan

      I hope you have voted! Sean does seem to be more like the character in the book, however, Ian Fleming was not initially a fan of Sean playing James Bond but grew to think he was superb quite quickly. Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan do seem less like the book character but seem to be very convincing and popular as a screen characterisation. Moore took the approach of Bond who is at his most mature part of his career where he is less emotional and gritty and will risk his life without seeming to care too much.

      • Coupe900s

        By naming Sean as my favourite Bond I wasn’t regarding on what Ian Fleming liked best, but on what I liked best. In my opinion I read that Ian Fleming most of the time even didn’t like James Bond himself, but later became fond of the financial results through Bond. It has been quite a while since I read the biography but in my recollection he liked during writing, the time at Goldeneye more than the writing. I always understood that Fleming was more journalist than writer, and Bond gave him the opportunity to live more or less the way he wanted.
        Maybe I’ m not expressing myself this well, sorry for that, but English is not my native language.

  • Van Roberts

    I like Timothy Dalton, but realize that he was forged in the mold that was Sean Connery,

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