Holy Sh*t, I’ve gone Grey?!

You may have read yesterday’s post about the reasons why I was not looking forward to going to the hairdresser today. Unfortunately I completely vindicated my concerns.

It didn’t start well as I managed to walk into the wrong salon! To overcome my feeling of uneasiness of going to the hairdresser I overcompensated, strolled boldly and confidently into the salon and with my deepest voice stated I had a 12.30 appointment.

They smiled, looked onto the computer and then looked concerned and told me they couldn’t find it. I said I had received a text confirmation from them only two days ago and showed them. That’s when they smiled again and politely explained that I was in Toni&Guy and was meant to be in the Rush salon a couple of doors down the road (see below).

In the short distance between the salons I tried to regain a little bit of composure. I managed to fake the confident swagger but the deep voice ended up sounding like I’ve never sounded before. All the staff were very friendly to me, but just like a dog senses fear, they could all immediately recognise my awkwardness.

Yesterday I forgot to mention another hate of mine, the gown they make you wear! It is so emasculating. They then wash your hair and give you a head massage, which is very nice, but then make you walk to your seat with your hair wet and all over the place; it is a walk of shame, displaying your hair publicly at its worst and showing why you need the hairdresser to make it look better again.

No sooner had my bum hit the chair I was asked if I had been anywhere nice on holiday! I was ready with my answer. To be fair, my hairdresser is really nice and we did have a good chat. Well, up until one point.

Being in a salon surrounded by a lot of young and well presented ladies means that I cannot help but notice and my eyes sometimes wander. Oh, I also realised another reason why men often feel uncomfortable at the hairdressers is we are not used to spending so much time looking at ourselves in the mirror, it really is quite disconcerting!

Anyway, my hairdresser is saying something about my hair whilst I am noticing all these lovely ladies around me and I hear her say “Have you thought about having a semi?” I was thinking that I already have one when I realise she is probably talking about something else and I ask what she means. She replies a semi-permanent as I am getting quite grey now?!

Any hint of a semi has definitely disappeared and I remind her that last time she said she liked the greyness of my hair. She confirmed she does but it is greyer now and I may want to use semi-permanent dye to keep little bits of grey but make my hair darker. As she cuts my hair it gets greyer and greyer and I jokingly accuse her of having grey dye in her comb just to freak me out!

But no, I am going proper grey!! I always thought I would never dye my hair, but I think next time maybe I will. Although, now I am home in normal light conditions it doesn’t seem so bad. I guess I will wait and see if my friends make comments or jokes before deciding.

I’m going grey! Oh bum. Oh proper bum.


2 responses to “Holy Sh*t, I’ve gone Grey?!

  • Soapie

    Gosh – a proper salon! Barber -> Supercuts -> Rush would be a more appropo progression. As for the grey, at least as a bloke, you can get away with either look (think Steve Martin for instance). Spare a thought for the ladies – society is harsher on those that choose not to dye!

  • merrycontrary

    personally, i don’t think you should dye your hair. i agree with Soapie…as a man, you can get away with grey hair. salt-n-pepper hair makes men look distinguished, where as women who choose not to dye their hair supposedly look old and haggard. but i really suggest not dying it because as your hair grows out you’ll have grey roots…and that is not so distinguished.

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