Atari ST – A bit of Computing Nostalgia

A friend of mine is selling his original Atari ST and it was really quite fun to have a quick go on it the other day. It’s nearly 30 years old but is still working fine, I wonder if I will be able to say the same about my laptop in 3 years time?!

Launched in 1983 the Atari ST has a whopping 512Kb of RAM, an in-built 3.5″ floppy disk drive and a mouse!  When I turned it on I didn’t realise there was a disk still in it and was very happy and surprised to see the game Dungeon Master appear on the screen! This was one of the first, if not the very first, 3D games available.

I never was lucky enough to own an Atari ST but a friend had one when I was young and I remember playing Dungeon Master for a little while and thinking how amazing the graphics were and how cool it was to play computer games like this.

The above is the opening screen and it was strangely exciting that the mouse still worked as I clicked Enter to enter the Dungeon Master world.

You moved and turned through the dungeon using the mouse on the arrows and/or using your cursor keys. It was great fun!

Unfortunately the fun only lasted 10 minutes as I quickly became very frustrated at the clunky and slow movement. Also, nothing really happened, other than me getting quite lost!

I do like getting nostalgic for old games and still have a ZX Spectrum +2 and now again play Jet Set Willy, Daley Thomson’s Decathlon, etc. but Dungeon Master is not one I’ll be revisiting any time soon.

One response to “Atari ST – A bit of Computing Nostalgia

  • Andrew Richardson

    I am looking at a few of your posts –
    I bet the spectrum and the ST will be worth a bit in the future – A lot of people (of our age) will be trying to get our hands on them when we are feeling old and nostalgic and there wont be many left.

    That said, if you are just interested in the games, there are loads of them available online ( live the fun all over again!!

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