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Me and my IM Nail Part 4 (5mths since the op)

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The end of my last post a month ago ended on quite an optimistic note with what I thought was a conservative aim of jogging for 20mins on nearby Clapham Common. A visit to the physio a couple of days later was a reality check and led to a readjustment of my goals.

The physio visit initially was going well and she said I had good mobility in my ankle and feet. She asked me to stand on one leg which I could do (although wobbly) and stand up down on tip toes which I have been able to do with ease for ages.

She then asked me to try going up on tip toes but just on my bad leg. My cockiness went as I thought, oh, I’ve not tried that. I couldn’t do it at all.

5mths since the operation and the bruise from the tibia break and scars from IM Nail operation are still quite visibile

IM Nail scars 5mths after operation (just below the knee)

She said that I should stop running on the treadmill as if I couldn’t go up on tip toes on just my bad leg (the left) I would be significantly over-compensating on my right leg and this would cause problems. She also suggested that when I practice going up on tip toes that I try to do it more on my bad leg as I had been relying, without realising, on my right leg too much.

I left gutted and annoyed that I wasn’t able to do this and for the next week I practiced a lot every day and it was so frustrating I couldn’t do it. Then, whilst at a work event where 2012 Games chairman Lord Sebastian Coe was visiting my client, I suddenly realised I could do it! Not very well, but I could definitely do it.

I really felt quite happy as I had worked hard for just over a week to be able to do this and also noticed that my limp seemed even less pronounced and was virtually gone.

The next physio appointment was 2 weeks later and felt I had improved although I had noticed in the week leading up to it that I was getting a shin splints pain in my good leg when I did the 15mins walk to my local London Underground tube station.

She came out to the waiting room and called my name and I walked with her to her treatment room. As I sat down I felt good that I had walked well. She had a very different view. She thought my limp had got worse! Whereas I didn’t think I had a limp at all?

Basically I had subconsciously got so used to walking with a slight limp that I had stopped noticing it. She asked me to walk slowly up and down the corridor and describe what pain/soreness I had that was preventing me from walking normally.

She identified some joints in the front part of the ankle that were rather stiff and tried to massage them a little without any effect. She stressed that I should try staying on my left longer as I would put my right leg down too quickly. She also suggested holding off from jogging on the treadmill until this was sorted.

My physio gave me a blue rubber sex aid to add to my collection

This was also very frustrating as I felt I had been impeding my own development by not realising I was still limping. So since then when I walk I really try to stay on the left longer. This means it feels sore but it is necessary to loosen up the stiff joints that are causing the limp. It really means concentrating as it so easy to slip back into limping.

I thought I had been doing well but my neighbour last week said she saw me limp back from the local shop whereas I thought I had been walking well.

In spite of these setbacks, just over a week ago I went for a 9 mile ramble (4hrs) with friends near Windsor. A ramble, for those unaware, is a fancy term to make walking in the countryside seem more interesting and dynamic.

The Long Walk to Windsor Castle

The first two hours went very well and I coped with it fine and my friends said I seemed to be walking normally. Stopping halfway for lunch caused my ankle to seize up a bit so when resumed I started to limp again, but this went (I think) the more I walked. As we got towards the end of the ramble, we walked down the aptly named Long Walk to Windsor Castle and I was starting to suffer a bit.

Windsor Castle - I made it to the end of the 9 mile walk

We got the train back into London and when I got off at Vauxhall station I realised I had a massive pain in my right foot (the good one), on the right hand side almost at the heel. It wasn’t a blister/skin type pain, but felt like a metal bar was digging into the bone every time I put weight on it. So I was in the odd position of now limping on my right leg and the left one was the good one!

It took a good 3 days of rest for the pain to go away on the right foot, but all is fine now. I have another physio appointment next week and hope to be given the all clear to run on the treadmill again.

So it is slow progress, but it is progress and my leg is starting to feel like a proper leg again.

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The Best of Keith Chegwin on Twitter

There is a lot of dross in the Twitter world, much of it tweeted by myself, but TV Presenter/Broadcaster Keith Chegwin (@thekeithchegwin) never fails to cheer me up with his fun, silly and gloriously groan-worthy tweets. There is far too much seriousness and hating in the world, so enjoy some of my favourite Keith Chegwin tweets from the last 6 months:

My mates a transvestite – He likes to eat, drink and be Mary

Bored with iphone gags. Leave to others – There’s a Twat for that

Cheryl Cole is looking for a new home…I’ve got a semi she can come and look at

Gareth Gates cancelled comeback gig in Chester. He got in a taxi but ended up in Chichester.

Horse walks in to a bar ‘Why the long face’ Horse says ‘Critics Hate Sex and the City 2’

John Prescott – A man who can light up a moving away from the window

Never trust a man who, when left alone with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on

Romance is like a game of cards: If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand

Sent a few gold teeth into ‘Cash 4 Gold’. They sent me £100 and the rest of the Mother-In-law back

£500,000 2 meet Prince. Wasn’t long ago when you got to party with Prince like it was £19.99

German shepherd craps on my lawn each morning. Today, he even brought his dog

My wife decided last minute to have an underwater birth. The leisure centre manager was furious

Sad news: Guy who owned Odeon Cinemas has died. His funeral is on Monday @ 2:10, 4:20 & 8:40

Called up the spiritual leader of Tibet. He sent me a bloody goat. Turns out I called Dial A Llama

Don’t see what the fuss is about Gandhi. He only made one film. Then no one ever heard of him again

Mates just had a unsightly mole removed from his willy – He won’t be doing that again

Mrs said she fancied a throw over the end of the bed. Broke two of her teeth as she hit the wardrobe

Can’t sleep. Which is probably good news for everyone else using the M4 near Swindon

Don’t get married just find a woman you hate & buy her a house. It’s a lot easier on you

My lesbian neighbour gave me a Rolex. I think they misunderstood me when I said ‘I wanna watch’

Thanks to Twitter & a Cheggers typo, everyone thinks I’m wanking my dog 3 times a day

Bought a 3D TV. It’s V good. Was watching Rik Waller sing & he stole a chip off my plate

300,000 pounds for John higgins to fix frames! Should’ve gone to SpecSavers

Debt Crisis In Greece: They’ve got bills…they’re multiplying & they’re losing control

Just went on ebay looking 4 a dictaphone. It gave me Gordon Brown’s phone number

Went swimming. Won the 100 metre butterfly. What am I going to do with an insect that big

When the marathon was done by Mars u got a Mars Bar when completed. Flora. Margarine. It’s Virgin this year. Wish I was running

I’d like to say to the old man wearing camouflage gear & using crutches, who stole my wallet. You can hide, but you can’t run

Had my first Easter Cheg! My mate can’t eat ’em as she’s been diagnosed as morbidly obese. As if she didnt have enough on her plate

News just in. Pier Morgans tie caught on fire. Some guy tried to put it out with an axe..

Another Chegwin Fact. I invented Tip Ex. True – Correct me if I’m wrong

It’s cold. Need to get a warm hat. It will also help cover my receding hairline which is receding all the way down to my arse

Christmas shopping today. Worried as I have kleptomania. When it gets bad I take something for it

You dont ever see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”