Have you checked out Route.ly?

If you love driving and/or a bit of biker then you must check out a new free web site called Route.ly which allows you to search for and share the best driving routes around the globe. Route.ly already contains some legendary routes from across the globe, including China, USA, New Zealand, Egypt, Finland as well as many in the United Kingdom.

Use the easy search mechanism to discover the twisty and sweeping turns of Transfagarasan Road in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania (as featured on BBC’s Top Gear programme) or the road from Padola to Falzarego in Italy which takes you over two mountain passes amidst the stunning scenery of the Alps. Users Route.ly users are able to search for routes by country, type of road (tarmac, off-road, mixed), length and distance from the user.

Route.ly founder and avid biker, Stefano Buliani, was frustrated that it was difficult to find out about good routes to take his motorbike on. He stated, ‘I created Route.ly as I really want to use the service! Route.ly enables us to not only discover great roads but also to share the good ones we know about too.’

Although there are already many interesting and well-known routes on the Route.ly website (e.g. the infamous Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood hills of Los Angeles), there are hundreds more still to be captured.

Route.ly has integrated Google Maps’ facility for marking out routes so it is easy for users add roads they would like to share. It only took me a moment to add a couple of nice roads from where I grew up. You can even upload .gpx files created from your GPS device.

Users are able to rate and add comments to each route and it is expected event planning facilities will be added later on to enabled users to meet up and enjoy the routes together.

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