Have you even been to a private detective or investigator?

To me, private detectives are people you just see in the movies and on TV. Recently, I got chance to meet one.

Someone I know is having relationship issues and suspected, very strongly suspected, their partner of cheating on them. They decided they needed to know for sure and engaged the services of a private investigation agency (London-based Flyonthwall Investigation and Surveillance Services).

For moral support, I was invited along to their meeting with their potential investigation case manager and although it is a difficult time for my friend I was absolutely fascinated by the process and excited to meet a real life private detective.

Rather than meeting in an office, they offered an option of meeting at my friend’s place or at a coffee shop or bar they knew or felt comfortable in. My friend chose to have the meeting in a bar in central London and the detective was there waiting for us and my first reaction was, and it sounds silly to say, that he looked nothing like a private investigator. I guess he would not be good at his job if it was obvious to everyone.

The meeting was simply a consultation meeting for my friend to discuss their situation and for the investigator to outline what they do, how they work and what the costs would be. I was very impressed with the detective’s approach and the compassionate yet professional manner with which they treated my friend.

It is clearly an emotional and traumatic time for my friend and through their experience, the detective was able to give practical advice and talk through the consequences of the results of the investigation. They explained that unlike in the movies they do not break and enter hotel rooms but offer services that operate within the law and a set of ethics.

At no time was my friend pressured or even encouraged to begin an investigation, it was completely down to them and the detective simply explained what the services were without any obvious salesmanship taking place. My friend had already decided to go ahead with the investigation but the detective offered them more time to consider the decision.

The investigation did go ahead and, although I was not involved directly, my friend told me that it was carried out very professionally and sensitively. The outcome of the investigation was as they expected, unfortunately, and the detective agency provided them with a comprehensive report that could be used as evidence in a divorce proceeding.

Overall I was very impressed by the service provided by Flyonthewall Investigation and Surveillance Services who really did help my friend rather than exploiting her traumatic relationship situation.

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