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Business Idea Poll: Would you watch an Ethical Porn Movie directed by Quentin Tarantino?

Please could you help settle an argument between me and a friend.

We have opposing views on a potential business idea that would help raise money for charity.

The Premise
Create a brand of porn called ‘Ethical Porn’ where everything is done by the book in a Fair Trade sort of way, actors are all drug and disease free, no animal abuse, no defecating into a cup, etc. and they are directed by established mainstream directors such as Quentin Tarantino. Millions of people around the world would want to see a porn film directed by Quentin Tarantino and a percentage of the profits would go to charity.

For example, if the film was made available for download at £2.99 and 10 million people round the world bought it with 20% going to charity, that would be £6 million to charity off just one porn film.  There could be many parts/sequels to these films raising more money for charity.

The branding of Ethical Porn is to make it appeal to mainstream audiences around the world and to not seem seedy or perverted.

Quentin Tarantino and other directors may not want to do it. However, if you said to them here is a real directing challenge for you, to stamp your mark on a well established genre and help make loads of money for charity, I think some would accept the challenge.

It’s just an idea and there are lots of things that could wrong, like with any business idea, but do you think it has mileage or is it just silly nonsense. Please vote below.

Whatever happened to Pip Pickles?

(Dealing with inconsiderate potential flatmates)

I’ve recently had to look for a new flatmate and it is such a royal pain in the arse. What has struck me this time is the utter lack of courtesy and consideration of people.

People like Pip Pickles.

I was very much looking forward to meeting Pip Pickles and thought it would be very cool to have a flatmate whose name sounded like she was the girlfriend of a superhero. However, I never got to meet Miss Pickles.

Pip, like many others who had responded to our advert, had written a nice email and seemed to be very much the nice reliable and fun flatmate we were looking for.

We agreed an appointment for her to come and visit in a few evenings’ time. The day before she was due, we sent her a nice reminder email saying we were looking forward to meeting her at the allotted time and to email/text if she was unable to make it.

Did Pip Pickles respond? Nope. Nothing. Nada. It was very annoying as if we’d known she wasn’t coming we could have got someone else to come along or even made other plans.

Pathetically poor Pip Pickles properly pissed people in my pad off, particularly. Can you say that 3 times in a row real fast?

Pip was not the only one to be discourteous in this way, I must stress, before her marvel comic sweetness is completely ruined. On one evening we had 6 confirmed appointments and only one person showed up!

Some just didn’t get in touch at all or others texted 15mins after they were due to say something had come up but said nothing about wanting to reschedule?

If you make an appointment with someone then it is basic common courtesy to let them know as soon as possible (beforehand!) you are unable to make it. No contact at all is just plain disrespectful.

So, it is probably good I didn’t meet Pip Pickles as I wouldn’t want to live with someone who was like that. However, I wouldn’t have minded meeting her superhero boyfriend. Not in a gay way, it would just be cool to meet a superhero in a social setting.

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