Women asking men out?

by Jake McMillan

More often than not, it is men who ask out women. It always surprises me why so many women seem to be afraid of asking a man out?

Ignoring all modern social convention and theories about men supposedly being the hunter etc., there are definitely women who in their own words would not dream of asking a man out as they would be too scared to.

Initially, this made no sense to me, but now I think I may understand.

It didn’t make sense at first as men would love it if women asked them out and when it does happen they are usually so surprised and flattered that they generally say yes. Whereas the failure rate of men asking out women is substantially higher.

Men get scared about asking people out, but if we knew we had a reasonable success rate and/or that the person would be very flattered and gracious about being asked out, i.e. when a woman asks a man out, then we would do it more often and not be so shy. This is why it made no sense that women should be shy about it as they have better chance of success.

Because men generally do the asking, we understand the guts it takes to put yourself out there and ask someone out knowing there is a reasonable chance of rejection. This is why we like and appreciate it if someone asks us out for a change.

Women tend not to have that understanding or appreciation and so do not always react to being asked out in the same way. Women hope and expect to be asked out on a regular basis, whereas men don’t expect it to happen at all.

A nice lady approached me on a bus home last week, admittedly she was drunk, but it was actually really nice to be chatted up and certainly made my day.

So any ladies out there too scared to ask a guy out, do it every once in a while as you have nothing to lose and lots to gain as well as having a great chance of being successful.

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