How often do you say Sorry?

by Jake McMillan

There’s not a week goes by that I don’t end up saying sorry for something I may have said or done. This may suggest that I am rude or mean person, but I would disagree as I think saying sorry is a good thing.

Apologising to someone does not necessarily mean you are taking the blame or responsibility for something, but it is an acknowledgement that you understand and empathise that an action of yours (or others) has led to a negative impact on their life in some way. Saying “I’m sorry to hear that” or “I’m so sorry” demonstrates you care and helps the other person know that they are not suffering alone.

There are people who never say sorry and they can be very frustrating and this can lead to arguments and resentments whereas a simple apology can diffuse a situation very quickly. Some don’t want to say sorry because they think they will be admitting fault or guilt and others see it as a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of strength and respect and apologising can lead to a closer and trusting bond to the person you’re apologising too.

Saying sorry is also quite a British thing, where it appears in everyday polite language in a very Hugh Grant type manner. If I’m travelling around London and someone bumps into me, I have found myself automatically saying sorry before actually realising I wasn’t at fault.

If you say sorry too much then it can become irritating or seem false. When I stayed in New York for a long weekend, Risa’s friends kindly looked after me and showed me around town. One of them told me to stop saying sorry. I immediately apologised for this.

I was not even trying to be funny, my automatic reaction to someone who was complaining I was doing something too much was to say I was sorry.

Think about the last time you said sorry? Was it a long time ago? If so, then maybe you need to re-evaluate how you interact with people and whether there are times saying sorry may have helped a situation. None of us are perfect and we all say and do the wrong things from time to time so you should be saying sorry on a regular basis.

So, go and say you are sorry!

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