Freelance Judge Available – For All Your Judging Needs

Your search is over, I Judge Jake am available for all your judging needs.

Whatever your event or occasion, I am here to provide impartial and independent judging. If you have a collection of people or things and you need someone reliable, fair and trustworthy to decide which one is best (or even order of bestness), then I am your judge.

I offer amiable and largely above satisfactory judging services for a wide range of events, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fetes, Country Fairs & Miscellaneous Pig Roasts
  • Dance Competitions (Ballroom, freestyle, dance-offs)
  • Cake Competitions
  • Modelling/beauty Competitions
  • Art & Performances (no clowns)
  • Wet (or dry) T-Shirt Competitions

However, on no account and no matter how much you pay me, will I judge books solely based on their appearance.

My fees are very reasonable and in accordance with the market rate. If you would like to book me, please email:



Jake McMillan has has launched a freelance judging service. I’m into it‘, Kim Taylor Bennett


You could not ask for a more professional service. I’ve never seen judging as good as this‘, Adam E-C

I was very pleased with Judge Jake’s marvellous judging.  JJ (as I fondly refer to him) has a judging-manner that I found efficient, fair and informative.  JJ displayed how he’d come to his judgement by providing me with a very handy breakdown of the judging criteria and scores: this provided me with an awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement for future endeavours.  Simply splendiforous.  My life feels that much more fulfilled since JJ’s judging became part of it!‘, Alison Sutcliffe

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