REVEALED: The Cause of Gaddafi’s Evil

by Jake McMillan

With Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s 40 year dictatorship all but over, I can exclusively reveal the dark secret about his tyrannical reign of Libya. Muammar was not born evil, but was turned evil due to an odd physical anomaly and an unfortunate accident.

Look closely at his face and you will see that the gap between his nose and his mouth is considerably vast. He has tried to cover this with what seems like a little moustache, but is actually normal sized, but still cannot cover the open landscape between his nostrils and his upper lip.

Gaddafi uses moustache to cover enormous face space

Gaddafi's face space so enormous you can fit a vertical Mars Bar between his nose and mouth

If you compare it to other normal faces, you will see that Col. Gaddafi has a genuine facial defect. It was this defect that would ultimately lead to him turning evil.

Other world leaders don't have Gaddafi's odd face space

Long before he became Colonel, when he was a little boy in fact, he fell asleep in an old ruined house and the gap in his head between his mouth and nose was filled by a rare breed of angry Libyan termites. Since that time, the termites have used a direct connection to his brain to send the man mad.

Evil termites inside Gaddafi's head

Before the termite invasion into his head, Muammar was a sweet boy who was very passive and got on well with his schoolmates. His best friend at school, Abdullah Zanussi, noticed the change in Muammar, “I used to go round to his home. Before the termites took over, he had a lovely kitten called Mr Whiskerson which he absolutely adored. Two weeks after the termites took over he got angry that the kitten had scratched him and so he kicked it off the top of the appartment building.”

Gaddafi's Kitten Mr Whiskerson

Killing his beloved kitten was just the first step towards evil for Muammar as the termites inside his face drove him ever increasingly manically violent and insane. He is constantly irritable and agitated and only evil acts seem to calm him down.

The one exception to this is watching Ricky Gervais. It seems to be the only thing that calms him down. Some have speculated that it is actually Ricky’s laugh that does it, that although it irritates humans, it is very relaxing to termites.

Gervais' laugh calms termites

A formal request has been made by world leaders and high ranking officials in the Libyan rebel army for Ricky Gervais to go to Libya and try to calm Col. Gaddafi face to larger face. Rotund funnyman Gervais, 50, is reported to have said, “Are you havin’ a laugh?”.

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