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Do I need to know who Kim Kardashian is?

by Jake McMillan

I’ve heard of Kim Kardashian but don’t have really any idea why she is a famous? I know she and her family have  a reality TV programme, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘, as I watched it once, I know she had a sex tape leaked into the media, I know she has a well-rounded bottom and that she may know or is connected to Paris Hilton? However, I am not sure why she was famous in the first place? Why would someone make a reality programme about her? Why would anyone care there was a sex tape of her?

I decided to find out. So, if you were wondering the same as me, here are the basics of what you need to know. Note: the word ‘need’ in the previous sentence was used with reckless abandon.

  • Kimberly or “Kim”‘ as she is known has the middle name ‘Noel’ and according to Wikipedia she is ‘an American socialite, celebutante, television personality, model, actress and businesswoman.’ The interesting part of that is her being a ‘celebutante’, i.e. she is famous for being famous.
  • Kim is the daughter of lawyer Robert Kardashian who famously represented OJ Simpson at his murder trial.
  • She is a friend of Paris Hilton, who introduced her to the socialite scene
  • Her sex tape video, that was made with singer Ray J in 2003, was leaked some 4 years later. Vivid Entertainment bought the rights for $1 million and released the film under the title ‘Kim Kardashian: Superstar‘. Kim sued Vivid and settled out of court for $5 million.
  • She has been married twice, first to music producer Damon Thomas (2000-2004) and then most recently to NBA Basketball player Kris Humphries which lasted only 72 days.
  • She has posed for Playboy, under the advice and encouragement of her mother
  • She is currently dating Kanye West
  • She has nearly 15 million twitter followers, making her one of the most followed people in the world (8th highest as I write this)
  • She is 5ft 2.5inches tall
  • Her website is:

Here are some photos of her:


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