IM Nail Survey

by Jake McMillan

To all those who have had an Intramedullary Nail (IM Nail or Rod) procedure, would you please take a few moments to complete the 10 Question Survey (via the link below) about your experiences, it’s a mix of multiple choice and optional free text questions.

As such little information exists about going through the experience of having an IM Nail, the recovery period and possible ongoing problems, I thought it would be useful to collect a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data. The aim is to share the collated data and analysis with everyone.

To complete the anonymous survey, please use the following link:

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or would prefer to have it posted to you or conducted over the telephone, please email me.

Update (25th January 2013): Thank you to all who have filled in the survey so far (95 responses!) … I will wait until I have got a 100 before writing up the findings, but may share some early findings before then.

I shall also be putting together a survey about IM Nail removal.

12 responses to “IM Nail Survey

  • Si Chi

    Thank you for an informative progress on your experience. Just completed survey.
    Like you, not sure I will ever feel completely at ease with the IM nail but happy to walk again after 16 weeks! (Even though I list to the right)

  • Mole

    Form completed. Only 4 month in, but like so many others are, the lack of info is frustrating.

    A really good website is ‘’. I have never posted on there, but i have spent hours reading other peoples experiences.

    It has been good reading this blog. Im based in London too, and it’s dead interesting reading how other boroughs deal with this injury.
    Anyway 21st century boy. Thanks for taking the time so that us lot can feel less sorry for ourselves. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting this site as a great resource. Do you have all the findings yet? I am weighing my options as to whether I should get the rod out. It’s been almost 10 years since I had the operation so I am worried that it may have been too long. I just want to be pain-free and I truly believe the pain is coming from the rod.

  • Sue

    I am currently waiting for op to remove IM nail and all screws and plates from my left leg. Slipped over in street and broke tib and fib and all 3 ankle bones in August 2013. I am a fit woman in my mid-fifties who previously enjoyed walking and dancing, especially clogging! I have not taken a pain free step since the accident and I am still limping, so no dancing for me. Hopefully removal of metal will alleviate the pain, surgeon thinks it might be that the IM nail is just that bit too long. Elective surgery list is 3-6 months wait, can’t come soon enough for me…

    • Cass

      How did the removal go? I’m considering doing the same…

      • Sue from Adelaide

        Hi. I had op on 11/12/14 to remove IM nail, 2 plates on ankle and all screws. Overnight in hospital. Needed crutches to get around for the first week or two. Recovery took 4 weeks gradually weight bearing, wounds were healed much quicker than that. Slow return to previous level of activity. So 6 months later, all good, dancing again and cycling. Only residual problem is too painful to kneel on that leg but that is extremely common and occurs anyway after nail insertion. So glad I had nail removed as obviously it was that which was causing the pain and limp, only wish it could have been sooner but surgeons will not remove less than 9 months post break.
        Good luck if you go ahead. Cheers, Sue

  • Saz

    Jake, I think it’s brilliant that you are doing the IM survey but please could you continue it for longer than 100 responses as this is quite a big sample. Please can you analyse the results after 100 but continue it? Saz

  • Saz

    I am getting soreness in my leg when I drive for an hour or so with foot continuously on accelerator. An ambulance crew I chanced upon at motorway service station gave me great tips. You can take paracetamol alternating with neurofen every two hours ie you keep to a four hour period for each medication. However my leg was still sore. The best tip they gave was keep the leg warm. Turning the heating on full blast really did help. I am now considering thermals/hot poultice while I search for a car with cruise control. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have had my IM rod in my tibia for 2 1/2 years. I have a particular configuration in that I broke my fibular near the top so it got screwed into the top of my tibia and that bolt/pin does stick up a bit under the skin so this may be what is causing the problem. So my having this problem doesn’t mean that you will. My leg is functioning mainly very well otherwise.

    • Sue

      Hi guys,
      Just had IM nail and ankle plates and screws removed 3 days ago. Too early to tell of any improvement. Went ahead with removal as I had not had a pain-free step since I broke my leg in 5 places in August 2013. I am hoping pain will resolve once I am walking again, shouldn’t be long…I found wearing a warm sock/ leg warmer helped with the intense cold feeling in the leg in winter. Many others have also commented on this side effect of having all that cold metal in your leg. Great idea re survey.

  • Caz

    Completed your survey. Fab! I’m 18 months post IM rod insertion & I’m feeling it in my ankle were the screws are. It may be the cold or just being really busy in work on my feet all day but it was swollen. I still can’t kneel down coz it feels numb & sore , other than that I’m very unlucky to be walking again !

  • Sara

    Filled in the survey as well, even though I seem to be about 3 years late than everyone else 😉

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