21st Century life is a lot more complicated than in previous centuries, with far more communication, travel, media and entertainment than ever before. Lots of little unwritten rules and customs appear to either help guide us or to get right on our tits.

21st Century Social Etiquette
From modern communication to how to behave on the London Underground, various aspects of 21st Century social etiquette are discussed.

That Doesn’t Work
Unlimited Broadband that isn’t limited, Satin Sheets, What’s the point of Vouchers? The list of things that aren’t quite right in the world, unfortunately, goes on and on.

Useful Stuff
You will be pleased to know that I do provide some helpful and practical tips from time to time.

It’s a damn shame we got to get old. A few posts on this process. 

All good conversations end up talking about poo at some point don’t they?

 Top 10 Lists
A mix of different lists of Top Stuff 

Various stuff about living with other folk. 

All kinds of things from taking a Life Art Drawing Class to the traumas of getting your hair cut. 

by Jake McMillan

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