Social Etiquette

Are you aware and do you follow modern social etiquette of the 21st Century? From kissing on the cheek to sharing the armrest, life is full of unwritten social rules of what we are supposed to do, yet no one has ever given us a guide book. We are just mean to ‘know’ what to do.

The Unwritten Rules of Modern Communication

The 24hrs Rule

Stop Using Your Phone At The Cinema

One or Two Kisses?

Air Travel: Do You Know What to do in a 3 Seat, 4 Armrest Situation?

Where is Your RSVP?

How Often do You Say Sorry?

London Underground Etiquette

Women Hog the Hug!


Getting the Woman to Pay for Dinner
Timing the 2nd Date Request
Women Asking Men Out?

by Jake McMillan

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