I am accused of having too much time on my hands. I really have no idea where they get this idea from? … oh, I know, it’s from all the time-wasting type letters I do.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the makers of Vagasil as I was not happy about the name of the product and recommended some more friendly ones.

I went to the New Forest and saw that it was not new at all. So I wrote to the bigwigs at Hampshire Council to register my dissatisfaction of this ‘false’ advertising.

I honestly believe I would make a great England Manager and would be a much cheaper option. Here is a copy of the letter I genuinely sent to the English FA outlining my case as well as some new revolutionary football tactics that would give England the competitive edge.

My flatmates are idiots who just don’t seem to understand how dishwashers work, so I sent them an email from my dishwasher to help encourage them to do better at loading.

This is an exclusive insight into why Gaddafi was evil … you will be very surprised!

This is a practical joke I played on my friend who is an Author’s Agent. I sent increasingly ridiculous ideas for children’s books.

I sent in a Gold Bar (McVities) into Cash My Gold. They didn’t seem to value it highly.

Here are some lame jokes that are so lame they are actually quite funny.

Some funny and cute animal photos.

The pros and cons of dating Santa.

These are truly awful pick up lines, would you ever dare to use them?

Although dating a vampire is all the all rage at the moment, it isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Some amusing photos and signs. Enough said.

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