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Interesting Facts About Greenland

by Jake McMillan

In my efforts to get this blog read by people from Greenland, I have been doing some research as most people don’t know much about this large country.

Here are some quite interesting facts about Greenland:

  • It is the Largest island in the world (Australia is classified as world’s smallest continent). On many World Maps (including the world map in WordPress stats), Greenland is often shown to be larger than Australia when in fact the truth is Australia is three times the size of Greenland.

World Map with Greenland being shown bigger than Australia

Australia is actually 3 times the size of Greenland

  • Greenland is the least densely populated country in the world
  • It is believed Greenland was named as such largely as a PR exercise by the Norwegian-born Erik the Red who was exiled from Iceland for murder in the 10th century and settled on the island and naming it Grønland (“Greenland”) in the hope that the pleasant name would attract further settlers
  • Population of 57,637 (which is smaller than the population of the English town Taunton in Somerset)
  • Capital is Nuuk, in the South-West and is largest city in Greenland with a population of 15,459
  • Official language is Greenlandic, with second language Danish and third English
  • Ethnicity of the country is 88% Inuit (including Inuit-Danish mixed( and 12% Europeans (mostly Danes)
  • Fishing and fish exporting is a major part of the Greenlandic economy, with shrimp fishing industry being by far the biggest income generator
  • Transport between cities in Greenland is by air and boat as there are no connecting roads due to the many fjords
  • Football (soccer) is the national sport of Greenland. However, the Football Association of Greenland is not yet a member of world governing body FIFA because it cannot grow grass for regulation grass pitches.

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