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How to do a Good Selfie

by Jake McMillan

I recently blogged about the rise of the ‘selfie’ in recent years and how people, particularly women, need to know how to do this as part of the skills required to being a 21st century woman. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Jodie Marsh, Miley Cyrus and Coco Austin are not helping this cause and in the last year or so there has been in an increase in the practice of body surfing. Whether or not you agree or actively participate in doing self photos, being able to do a good one is something useful to know.

Through my discussions with women of all ages across the world, I spoke to a few who are experts at doing the self photo and they were kind enough to impart some of their wisdom. Many thanks goes to Nora, Noelle and Risa in particular.

Here are their tips:

1. Super Arm Extension & Angle Carefully
You really need to get the camera as far away from you as possible and learn to angle it. Amateurs can be spotted by how much of their own arm is in the photo, try to balance how much is visible with the other arm. You may need to angle up or down depending on if you want to capture whatever is in the background.

2. Get to Know the Photo Apps
There are lots upon loads of photo apps that have interesting features you can use: filters, framing, montage and timer, etc. 

3. How to get Your Whole Outfit in the Shot
As Nora demonstrates below, try taking it from above and tilt your head.

4. The Kiss Photo
This is usually best executed through holding the camera with both hands in front of you.

5. Mirrors
Use of mirrors can make an interesting selfie.

6. Taking a Selfie of your Butt!
The best butt self-photo is taken from below looking up:

7. Have Some Fun
You may like your face a lot, but try having some fun in the self photo and make it more of a self-portrait by adding an artistic or humorous element to the photo. For inspiration, try checking out: Rosie HardyBrooke ShadenBrian Wagner and Inge Hooker.

Photo courtesy of Rolfe Markham Photography

8. What NOT To Do
Here are some things not to do:

See any photo at AntiDuckface – ‘because no really, you look stupid

Look carefully at the following and try not to do the same: