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Have you thought about taking a Life Art Drawing Class?

A little while ago a friend suggested going to a Life Art Drawing Class and I was a little dubious for two reasons:

1)      I hadn’t done any proper drawing since school (like 20 years ago … god, I’m getting old), and even then I didn’t draw that much, unless  you include drawing a big tipex cock on James Kershaw’s folder

2)      I would be staring at a naked person for a couple of hours. Potentially looking at and drawing a naked cock for two hours and I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do that. In fact, I was 99% certain I didn’t want to draw a cock for two hours, but then I remembered the tipex cock and thought, well, okay.

We found this place near Angel (in London) where you just turn up and pay per class rather than signing up for a series of classes. I have to say I totally recommend doing it, it was really interesting even though drawing the human body is damn hard (as you can see from my efforts below).

I didn’t have any drawing equipment but you could get paper, charcoal, boards, etc. there and I went for just simple approach of paper and charcoal sticks with a board to rest on my lap.

The class was packed out as we formed a circle around the model, some seated and those with easels behind. My cock fears were not realised as there was a female model for the session.

It was a little weird at first as she disrobed and the class leader put her into a pose, but within minutes it was perfectly normal for a group of clothed people to be staring at the naked person in the middle.

The two hour session was split into a variety of different poses to enable practice of drawing the body in different positions and perspectives. Some poses were long (30mins), one was a super quick 2mins (very hard!) and several 10mins and 20mins poses.

Drawing the body is really difficult and does need a lot of practice and technique, but was really fun and interesting to do. At the half-time break my friend and I were really buzzing and couldn’t wait to get back to it.

As the below shows, I’m clearly no artist, but you don’t have to be good to enjoy it. If that were true I would never play golf again.

Life art drawing class … give it a go.

Jake McMillan

P.S. The originals are available to purchase if anyone’s interested 😉

You really feel the pressure when having to draw in a short time frame

Quite a few of my efforts look like poor 19th Century Autopsy diagrams

The model's face was a lot nice than appears here

I think this was the best one I did

I went a bit wrong on this one and rather than starting again I decided to draw the other artists in the background

I had definitely peaked before the end of the class. The bottle in the top left was powering the heater next to it, in case you were wondering