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The Mojito Mile

One day, one mile, many mojitos

Often the simplest ideas are the most genius ones.

The Mojito Mile is a pub crawl of the nice bars that serve Mojitos in Clapham (South London). Nothing new about pub crawls, but the Mojito Mile somehow mixes the right balance of drinking, great venues and socialising.

Pub crawls are usually fun but can be a bit extreme. The Monopoly pub crawl (drinking in a pub on every street and station on the monopoly board) is a classic example and although is a cracking day it is also a bit hard core as you have no real time to rest. There is constant pressure to drink up as soon as possible and get travelling to the next place.


The Mojito Mile on the hand is quite leisurely with 7 bars visited over the whole day and about an hour and a half spent in each venue. The whole journey is one mile so a pace of 0.1mph is something that everyone can cope with.

Clapham (Old Town, Common & High Street) is blessed with lots of great pubs and bars and as the Mojito Mile visits the places that make good Mojitos (note: drinking Mojitos is not compulsory but Mojito Milers are encouraged to have one Mojito at some point during the day) it means you get to go to some of the very best bars in London. Bars on the Mojito Mile have included:

Lost Society (Time Out Best Bar 2006/7) – www.lostsociety.co.uk



The Loft (Time Out Best Bar 2008) – www.theloftclapham.com



Aquum – www.aquum.co.uk



64th&Social –



Grafton House – www.graftonhouseuk.com

The very best part of the day is the fact you get to socialise and chat to not only good friends but meets lots of new people. Because of the nature of the event, you end up speaking to everyone else as you venture your way down the mile.

With the 3rd Mojito Mile coming up in June 2010 it is clearly a proven recipe for success.