As a 21st Century man it is necessary to deal with 21st Century women on a very regular basis… they are everywhere … in shops, bars, lots of my friends are female, even my sister and mother are women.

Some of the posts below, if you do not know me well, seem a little misogynistic, but do not interpret them that way, they are mostly tongue in check with a little bit of truth thrown in. Some of the ‘negative’ ones only exist to counter the trend of the last ten years or so that all men are rubbish who seem to be not allowed to mention that women are also rubbish too.

Can Men and Women Really be Friends?

Can a Woman Think About Nothing?

Women with OCD – Obsessive Cushion Disorder

What’s Wrong with Buying a Female Friend a Dildo?

Why do Women Wear Make-up?

One Kiss or Two?

Women Asking Men Out

Women Hog the Hug!

Let’s Face it, Women are Rubbish

How Low do You Go?

Why Do I Have So Many Women Friends?

What Exactly is a Dirty Girl?

by Jake McMillan

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