Frankie Boyle Blocked Me on Twitter

by Jake McMillan

Much to my surprise and amusement (and that of my friends), Frankie Boyle blocked me on Twitter earlier today!

I am definitely a Frankie Boyle fan and will often re-tweet him. If you are unaware of his work, then he is a Scottish stand-up comedian whose jokes go right to the edge of what is acceptable, and in some people’s eyes, often goes over it.

For example, in the last 24hrs he has tweeted the following (amongst others):


‘Every Tuesday night I masturbate about an inanimate object. This week it’s Whitney Houston.’

‘If Newcastle was a sound, it would be the noise of an erection puncturing a colostomy bag.

You can see that he pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and as such is no stranger to controversy. He has notoriously made jokes about the Queen’s vagina (“she is so old that [her] pussy is haunted“), Rebecca Adlington and Katie Price‘s (Jordan) disabled son Harvey (“I have a theory that Jordan married a cage fighter cause she needed someone strong enough to stop Harvey from fuckin’ her.“).

Not everyone will find this type of humour funny and definitely some people will find it offensive, but then all comedy offends someone somewhere.

Okay, so you have enough background and context … earlier today Frankie wrote:

Just thinking how different my life would be if my name was Leroy Powers

I then replied in a way I thought Frankie, of all people, would appreciate … apparently I was wrong. I replied to him:

that’s a bit like a retarded donkey wondering what it would be like to have a foot shoved up its arse instead of a fist’.

Now, that is block-worthy in a lot of people’s books, I just didn’t think it would be for Mr Boyle. He dishes it out and I am quite sure he can take it too … I am guessing he was either having a bad day or, more likely, he was bombarded with abusive-style responses from people like me who think they are being funny, but are clearly not in his league.

In any case, my friends think this is hilarious as although I can be crude at times, I’m generally a polite and diplomatic sort. I can imagine Frankie would respond to this, ‘I didn’t block you for your comment, I just thought you were a boring cunt!‘.

5 responses to “Frankie Boyle Blocked Me on Twitter

  • Jane-Ann Malone

    Ha, I haven’t even offended him and have been blocked somewhere between now and last night! Going to see him on FRiday too (ROW freaking B). Weird.

  • nick

    blocked me for asking if he was going to rape louis walsh

  • johndoe

    I’ve been blocked too for my joke that I also thought he might appreciate “Trained my dog to shit when it see’s the daily mail so I have an accurate summary of the news”.

    He was one of the only reasons I liked twitter. 😦 Bad times

  • Jim

    I got blocked too and can’t work out why.
    Can’t even see tweets – not just blocked from commenting.

    I commented on Glenn Wools Twitter a while back on turn line in their freestyle podcast that made Glenn Wool laugh hardest, I just mentioned Frankie Boyle!

    I can’t help but feel rejected!!!

    What did I doooo?!?!?
    He doesn’t drink or do drugs. So that’s not an excuse.
    Hacked by anonymous.

    I just checked his feed cos I wanted to see what he said about Bowies death.

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