Jake McMillan (JakeTMcMillan on Twitter) is a 21st Century Boy living in London who finds all aspects of modern life fascinating, wonderful and annoying. From dating etiquette to whether you scrunch or fold toilet paper, all areas of modern life (love, friendships, work, etc.) are examined.

Jake is a nice fellow but friends sometimes, well often actually, describe him as annoying and pedantic. He also loves Greenland.

The 21st Century Boy blog was started by Jake in 2008 and following a slow start has gradually grown in popularity. Well, the number of visitors has gone up anyway. In 2012, despite the eclectic mix of posts, there were 1.2 million views of this blog (s0 says WordPress) from 213 different countries. 

Jake supports Yeovil Town FC and the Philadelphia Eagles. One day they will win something.

He has a Facebook Page you can like if you like.


Please see contact details below.

He is also a Scuncher-Stander (read about the Scrunch or Fold/Stand or Lean debate):

Jake’s F1 blog can be found here:

Jake is also co-author of the dating and relationship site Bounce Off.

Contacting Jake
Email me:

Moderating Comments
All comments on this blog are moderated. 99% of comments made are perfectly acceptable, but unfortunately there are 1% of people who write inappropriate things that would offend others and spoil the discussion. I try to approve comments as quickly as I can but depends where I am and my access to the internet. If you have made a comment that has not been approved and you think it should, then please contact me on the above email address.

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