Poll: Would you rather be a Starship Captain or a Ghostbuster?

by Jake McMillan

Ghostbuster Vs Starship Captain

It’s 2013 and you have a choice to be a Starship Captain or a Ghostbuster? Which would you rather be?

Both have their positives and negatives (see below).


– Adventure of discovering new worlds
– Meet aliens (maybe even sexy ones)
– You’re the boss
– Travel at light-speed
– Battle other species
– Act as ambassador/diplomat for humankind
– Use cool technology

– Star travel day to day will likely be very boring
– You may never meet aliens, you may spend years on a floating office only to discover some new fungi
– You have to wear the same uniform every single day
– You are away from friends and family for a very long time
– Everybody hates the boss
– You will very rarely go outside and breathe normal air
– The food is likely to be very boring and not fresh
– You might die


– You’re a famous hero with the potential of saving your city from a disaster of biblical proportions
– Day to day you tackle the paranormal and meet people from other dimensions
– You get to wear the Ghostbusters uniform and proton pack
– You work with a fun close-knit team
– You live in an old fire station and get to use a fireman’s pole
– You get to drive in the Ectomobile and sound the siren as you race through town

– There are no such thing as ghosts
– Nobody calls
– The only clients you have are mostly insane in the head
– It’s basically a glamorous janitorial role
– Your life as you know it may stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body explode at the speed of light if you cross the streams
– If you fail there will be human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria


My friend Adam and I discussed this at length as we had opposing views. The argument resulted in with us both wanting a Holodeck, but no definitive answer to the actual question.

3 responses to “Poll: Would you rather be a Starship Captain or a Ghostbuster?

  • Jim

    In the picture above it looks like Ray has just slimed himself. “Is that ectoplasm on your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?”

    It would have to be Ghostbuster all the way for me. Flying a Starship is just being in the navy but with more toys. Cooped up with the same crew on the same vessel for all that time…

    • jakemcmillan

      There is definitely something exciting about the thought of being a Starship Captain, but I can’t help thinking only 1% of the time it would actually be exciting and 99% (or more) of the time it would be downright dull. Day 203 into the voyage, “Helmsman Smith, Report please”, “Well Captain, it’s just a lot of space out there again today”. “What? No enemy vessels? no black holes? no singularity’s?”; “Well, we thought we spotted a new planet on the radar, but it was just a crumb on the screen from Helmsman Jones’s sandwich”.

  • Jim

    “Captain, the systems have picked up a planet in a nearby system that looks like it could support life.”

    “Fantastic, plot a course. Uhm, incidentally, how long will it take to get there?”

    “At our maximum speed we should be there in approximately 40 years sir.”


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