Some popular/controversial posts:

The Ultimate Dream Island
This could be the ultimate dream island and is totally unique.

Wiping Your Bottom
How you wipe your bum, is not how everyone wipes their bum. Did you realise that there are 4 different ways that people wipe their bum? Find out more here (don’t worry, no pictures!) >>>

Lame Jokes that are actually Very Funny
Here are a few carefully selected jokes that fall under the umbrella of ‘lame jokes’ but are actually very funny. They will either make you laugh or groan loudly. My favourite is definitely the one about Ahmal and Juan, that will not fail to get a reaction, I guarantee it! Read them here >>>

Are you a Pogonophile?
No? Well you should be! 2009 was unofficially the Year of the Beard and are still very popular now. Find out here why beards are great >>>

I’m not a misogynist, but let’s face it, women can be very annoying: Getting Women to pay for dinner on a first date >>> Why do women bother with make up? >>>
What’s wrong with buying a female friend a dildo? >>>
Why women are rubbish >>>
What exactly is a ‘Dirty Girl’? >>>

You can be a Sock Genius Too
Never ever have to waste your life pairing up socks again. Find out how here >>>

Shameful Pickup Lines
These pickup lines are truly awful, yet at the same time brilliant. I dare you try any of them! Click here >>>

How to Give a Stool Sample
I’ve had to do this twice now and the whole process is really quite tricky and traumatic. Click here to find out how I coped with it and to learn some tricks to make it easier >>>

How low do you go?!
What is the youngest age you can date? Find out here was is acceptable >>>

Thinking of Getting Satin Sheets?
I did and was surprised at the reaction I got! Find out more here >>>

How to make a Good Cuppa
Tea is important. Yet so many people struggle to make a good cup of tea. Here are simple instructions to follow >>>

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